Other Training Techniques

I came home from the daily Minion Fight Club debacle to find Daisy inside with Efstur.  She has been teaching him “Target Training” and he loves it.

I did not know about this and I would be lying if I knew what it was all about but Daisy has decided Efstur would benefit from Target Training (she studies various training techniques in her spare time).  I just stood there and watched.

(edited to say – I found this on t’net and it makes good sense)

I was very impressed.  It was all so calm and Efstur obviously enjoyed himself.  I think sometimes it is very easy to get totally absorbed with just the riding side of things.

Then it was Dreki’s turn and with that the heavens opened. Our indoor school was very noisy.

Daisy did leading practice with Dreki.  Yesterday she rode him, while I lead (no photos – it is hard to be on the end of the lead-rope with a camera).

Dreki just did the usual “what are these feet things?” and happily walked alongside me, with Daisy on his back – saddle and stirrups.

I also think one of the keys to training is to read the signs.

And if Daisy says today is not the day to ride, then she is very probably right.  I trust her judgement.

Meanwhile outside, I snapped this photo.  I adore Lambie and ‘Ster’s daft Smile-For-the-Camera!  They look very fat and smug!

So a good day. Much achieved with the youngsters.

2 thoughts on “Other Training Techniques

  1. Sam

    i never thought to target train a horse. Not sure why not, since all the zoos in the US do it. Makes it easier to assess physical conditions. With Little Miss Maine Coon, it is “touch” so she boops my finger before getting bedtime biccies. Love watching Daisy train your horses, even if it is from afar.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Such good progress! Love all the pics….especially those Easter lambs at the end! Would like to have seen Daisy riding Dreki……will have to wait for another time.


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