On the Move

This morning, bright and early, Daisy, Flossie and I went to Leradale to move some hurdles that we had been using as gates.  We need them for another field.

There was help.

Much help.

*** sigh *** – there’s always help.

Tiddles and Waffle were happily playing.

They are happy little boys.

And then, having checked everyone was fine, we walked up the hill with our hurdles (well, the girls did – my back was having none of it).

Having put the hurdles into the van, we then decided to take Waffle with us as he needs his ‘flu jags to go south as Kappi’s travel companion for the British Championships later in June.

The others were sad to see Waffle leave on his Big Adventure.

We drove Waffle to Thordale where he was very enthusiastically greeted.

Taktur was thrilled that Waffle smelled of Lady-Girls.

He even had a stallion moment to himself.

Waffle was very pleased to see Albie and Newt and they have been playing ever since.

Waffle didn’t give Taktur much attention – secretly I think it is the girlie hair.  You can’t take a stallion seriously who wears plaits!

Anyway, it is good to have Waffle home, if briefly.  He will go back to his herd tomorrow.  As I type, they are all happily settled down the bottom field grazing.  Friends don’t forget friends.

1 thought on “On the Move

  1. Sam

    Supervisors, the word is Supervisors! They don’t help, they watch and tell you how to do it better.
    A very fine Stallion moment! Could do with some more Tiddles time.


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