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Hello everyone. Nick here, standing in while Frances heads South for a few days. I’m afraid I don’t have cute animal photos to share today, but instead will tell you about an exhibition I held recently.

My agent, Emma, lives in Oxfordshire and had decided to open up her front room as an art gallery for Oxfordshire Artweeks. She got in touch about exhibiting some of my photos too, so I had a selection printed and mounted, with some of them framed, and put them up for sale in the exhibition.

The green photo on the wall is an aerial photo I took in Iceland in 2013. It’s been very popular on my various social media sites and I sold it during the exhibition.

The house looked amazing with art from various artists all over every available space. Screen printed landscapes competed with abstract giclee prints and perspex art and there might have been the occasional photograph too.

Apart from the hung artwork, there was a rack full of unframed art that visitors could browse through at their leisure.

Hidden in this rack was a sunset photo I took on Lewis and Harris that sold on the second day. You might recognise it if you’ve been paying attention!

I’ve been taking a lot of black and white photographs of London’s modern and probably less famous architecture of late, and it was these photographs that made Emma interested in exhibiting my work at the exhibition in the first place. Above the mantelpiece was a photo of a car park behind Oxford street

And in the corner by a green pineapple lamp was ‘Weft’, a photo of an office building that recently appeared behind King’s Cross Station

We are hoping to have more exhibitions in the future. I really enjoyed talking to people about my work, and seeing how much people seemed to like it. And to thank you for reading this far, here’s a photo of Danny relaxing to keep you happy!


4 thoughts on “Off the wall

  1. Terri

    Thanks, Nick, for filling in. I enjoy following your @nmp_brutalism and @nickminers posts on IG! Your work is wonderful. Hugs to Danny!

  2. Linda

    Hi Nick: My computer suddenly stopped the other day, so I’m posting this now.
    Beautiful, magical photos! The one from Iceland looks so surreal, and the one from Harris reminds me so much of Maxfield Parrish (you captured the moment so well on camera!)

    And of course the sweet photo of Danny; always glad to see him. 🙂

  3. Nancy

    What a lovely exhibit, and a great idea to have it in the front room!!
    Thank you for filling in! It’s quite interesting to see your art as well as others!


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