Oak Trees, Foxy and Diagnosis

Miss Foxy – we’re pretty sure she is a young vixen but we are no experts!

Superb kippers for lunch so their bones and leftovers will make a deliciously smelly supper for her.

We were out early this morning walking Teddy, Mum’s dog.

The land around Mum’s house was originally part of the hunting estate close to Windsor Forest.  It is connected by a road called Nine Mile Road that King George III, as part of an expansion programme to the rides, built for Queen Anne to more easily facilitate hunting in Windsor Forest.

Now it is a golf-course.

Like Windsor Great Park, oak trees grow everywhere. Some are very old.

This is from a young tree that Mum “saved” when it was a sprouting acorn and is now tall and well established.  If anyone wants “ancient” oak acorns, please say.  I can pop them in my pocket and you can grow your own oak tree. Mum’s tree proves it is easily achievable.

So that’s me.  My car has been given a vague diagnosis – “an intermittent fault” which is the worst kind in my book.  800 miles to drive home wondering if it will or won’t get there safely.

6 thoughts on “Oak Trees, Foxy and Diagnosis

  1. Sam

    Such a robust oak tree Mom has. Oh – that fearful phrase “interminttent” problem..I wish you well with that.
    But driving anywhere becomes a lesson in cussing and praying.

  2. dee savage

    I do hope the ‘intermittent’ problem won’t manifest itself on your trip home. Is your daughter attending school…is that why you made the trip? The last photo of the white bench …oh, it makes me long for England. What a lovely photo. Good luck on the way home.

    1. Frances Post author

      Floss has gone to Bristol University to do a Masters Degree in Chinese to English translation. Previously. she attended Oxford University and has a degree in Chinese Studies. She speaks and reads Mandarin.

      1. dee savage

        omg. That is more difficult imho than being a brain surgeon or rocket scientist. She must have inherited her smarts from Mom and Grandmom. Oxford! Where would she be a translator? How did she become interested in Mandarin? Do you speak any foreign languages? I heard a joke from an expat American living in Egypt: what do you call a person who speaks 3 languages? Trilingual. What do you call a person who speaks 2 languages? Bilingual. What do you call a person who speaks just one language? An American. I thought that was soo funny and soo true. Thanks for sharing info on your daughter.

  3. annie vanderven

    I have a fox living on a small hill on my property, we are not allowed to feed them as we have cases of rabbles, but we have an abundance of chipmunks which make delicious meals for him or her…

    Good luck with your car hopefully it won’t be called flying (I mean driving ) on a wish and a prayer…

  4. diane in northern wis

    Good grief Frances….do you mean they aren’t going to fix the car? You’re just going to have to drive all the way, wondering if it’s going to die or not? I wouldn’t be too happy with that conclusion. By the way, your pictures are beautiful.


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