Not Quite as Fat

Our daily check of Brá found her at the furthest corner of her field with her two compatriots, Harvey and Kolka (an old Icelandic lady).

Brá is looking well.  She still has the leftover zinc cream (Sudocream) marking her face.  It did help when it was needed.  The midges and flies have gone now.  The wind is back and it is much cooller.  I think that was summer then.

Brá was pleased to see me and my carrot.

Don’t worry – I brought one for each of them.

Despite her neck still being huge and cresty, Brá’s body has changed shape – there seems to be less of it and she is beginning to look more normal.

So we had a little chat and I had little prod at the fat layers to see if there was a rib under there (not very evident yet).

Brá didn’t rush off, which was nice.  Maybe she is mellowing in her old age or too fat to leave quickly.

We walked back up the hill and over the stream knowing Brá is losing weight, if slowly, and that hopefully we have warded off laminitis in time.  A good Shetland winter will slim her down further.  Fivla came home fat a few years back and after one winter she had lost weight.  That is what winter is for.  Bring it on then.

4 thoughts on “Not Quite as Fat

  1. Carol

    Brá looks very mellow. Is her friend Harvey an exotic cross, like a Shetland-Clydesdale Pony? An Icelandic Cob? What a mane!


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