Not All Nasty

I want Hjalti to realise that I am not just the person who tries to catch him only to endlessly fiddle about with his hoof, wrapping and unwrapping irritating bandages, dragging him here, there and everywhere as well as sticking pins into him.


Oooh, the indignity of it all.


Now his hoof is on the mend, my OH and I went to see him with pocketfuls of carrot slices.


Hjalti has only recently decided that we are not trying to force-feed him poison and will graciously accept a carrot if it is the right size to slip into his mouth so he can daintily chew it.


Luckily for Hjalti, his mother is very keen on carrots too so sets a good example.


Hetja doesn’t waste time holding grudges.  Her motto is life is too short to waste on saying no to potential calories.


But once the food has gone, mother and son are gone too.  Bunched bottoms vanishing into the distance!BN2A5615

Hjalti moves beautifully and it is a pleasure to watch him run around.

BN2A5608 BN2A5609

He is still very reliant on Hetja.


I am wondering whether to introduce him to two of the Minions (or even all four).  If so, which ones and would this be A Bad Thing.


Would Hetja be nice to my little boys?


Too much to think about.  I will sleep on it.

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