Not All About Playing Horses

Sometimes, very occasionally I add, I jump up and down and rant about the mess we all live in.

Today was that day.

We have a container for keeping feed, old rugs, etc in and every winter we (well, particularly me) throw empty feed bags, as well as anything that needs a place to live. It fills up quickly and becomes increasingly disgusting.

Today, Floss emptied the container.  She scraped the welded fusty sheep/pony feed off the floor.

And revealed was space, beautiful space!

Pallets were lugged inside to keep feed bags off the floor.


Feed bins were repositioned so there was easier access rather than finding a bin, peering into it and wondering who the contents were for, while Lambie bouncing round your legs yells “me, me, me – it is all for me!”


Meanwhile, in the indoor school, Daisy was hard at work removing old bruck (Shetland dialect for rubbish) that has been stored here since we were once a riding school and trekking centre. That was many years ago.


The regularly used bridles are now arranged.  The saddles are covered in old duvet covers as the birds who also share in the shed, ie nesting wrens, sparrows, etc, tend to leave little blobs around.  I don’t mind as long as I can protect the good kit.


If I couldn’t burn it, then nto the back of my van went all the rubbish – ie, stuff we trip over thinking it might be useful, but it never is.


Obviously, we had help.


And then, to top it all off, I had a big bonfire and I burned all the burnable rubbish that had been lying around for far too long.

It was very cathartic.


Well done all of us – Daisy, Flossie, me, Lambie, ‘Ster.  Without you none of this could be achieved.

5 thoughts on “Not All About Playing Horses

  1. Linda

    Yes, WELL DONE!!
    (Am I the only one who thought you were talking about world events, when you said you “rant about the mess we all live in? I’m very grateful to have been so wrong…) 😉

  2. Karen

    Ha…I have a day just like that, we are starting the big declutter and clean up ready to get the house valued post Christmas and ready for selling. It feels soooo good. Well done all of you too. Mind I am now feeling quite knackered and I have only done the conservatory

  3. Terri

    Very well done! I too spent the day cleaning — in the garage. I know exactly what you mean by: “the rubbish – ie, stuff we trip over thinking it might be useful, but it never is.” Getting rid of it makes me feel oddly virtuous. Fall/winter will be here soon, and it’s time to reset to zero (well, sort of). Nice that you have helpers!


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