Normality, I Think

I am working hard on my felted creations (I need a better name for them).  The first batch was posted today and I am really enjoying making them.  I find this craft very rewarding. I love working away in my little studio and I think I am actually getting better at it too – this rotund little robin flew my nest to go to his new home south and I like him very much.

This afternoon, Daisy and I went to work at Transition Turriefieldan independent social enterprise growing fruit and vegetables for the Shetland community.

We work as volunteers and we weigh, pack and label vegetables for their very successful veg box scheme and distribution to local shops.

When we returned home, I made the executive decision to let Haakon out for a little while to enjoy the last of the evening Spring sunshine.  This is the first time he has been out since his abscesses burst.  The vet popped by yesterday and examined Haakon.  He agreed that perhaps it was not laminitis, which is a huge relief.  I think if Haakon reacts to eating this grass, it will confirm that he has laminitis. He has been on a low/no sugar diet for the last few weeks.

I could see Haakon was happy (and ready) to go outside for a little while.  He is wearing Back on Track hock boots for his stiff hocks that were sent post-haste by a friend from America.   These therapeutic boots are designed to stimulate blood flow and thus improve circulation which promotes healing and relieves joint tension.  Well that’s what their website says.  If it helps Haakon, then I am forever grateful.

This is Iacs, who is happy wherever you put him.

So normality is returning, I think. No, I pray.

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