Someone is horrible at the moment.

Small and beastly, Newt is going around attacking unsuspecting well-meaning citizens.

Most of them are ready for his teeth.

Some even give as good as they get.

Sadly it does not deter him.

And it is not very nice.

I am ashamed but I get the feeling Newt doesn’t really care.  He is never sorry.

Not even slightly.  If it isn’t his teeth, it is his bouncing bum.  He is not dissimilar to a turret on a tank, rotating to fire out shots.  He is a lethal weapon.

Tiddles was having none of it and got kicked in the teeth for his efforts.

So, I took matters in hand and we had words. I told Newt exactly what I thought of him, what I expected of him and what would happen if he continued his despotic rule.

And then I told everyone else just how much I loved them.


Bloody Newt. I wonder if it is the spring grass coming in or he is just bloody-minded.

3 thoughts on “Newt!

  1. Miss Linda Kirk

    Despite the photographic evidence, I won’t hear a word against him. He was having a bad day, surely? Besides, he looks very contrite in the last photo, or perhaps just sorry he was caught in the act. Poor Tiddles.


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