New Dining Area

So now we have a new breakfast area because of the endless mud that is everywhere.

Bowls ready for the Vandals and the Visigoths.

Yesterday, while waiting for the farrier, I built a damned gorgeous electric fence from the track up to the breakfast area.  Straight lines everywhere.  I feel very proud of my achievement.

My track is full electrified too.  Zappity zap!  Oh yes, they know I mean business.

It worked a treat.  The Minions wandered up there to find their breakfast.

And the two old ladies stayed behind, because they couldn’t be arsed with the arguments and ate their breakfast (which is different in a calorie plus sort of way) happily without interference.

And everyone was happy with this new dining arrangement.

So, after breakfast, I flipped all the bowls over to keep the birds off, and yes, you and I know what happens next…..

Newt, no!

Leave it!



So I flipped them all back once I had evicted the ponies back down to their track for the rest of the day.

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