New Addition to the Herd

Jo’s been shopping.  He arrived today off this morning’s boat.  As he is a foreigner, he is in sort-of quarantine with Delia and Minnie.  The others are keen to meet him but realise that he is very shell-shocked.


So, ladies and gentlemen, let me introduce you to Tór frá Velli II.  He is my Taktur’s little half-brother.  They share the same Mum, the gorgeous Tíbrá frá Hafnarfirði and his Sire is Flipi frá Litlu-Sandvík.

Poor Tór has run up light after the long trip south and was very upset coming off the ferry, poor love.


Tór is 3 years old and has been lightly backed.  He has all winter to relax and get to know Jo.  There is no rush for anything and it will all be done at his own speed.  The trip was stressful and draining especially if a horse is travelling on his own – Flight, 2 boats, endless lorries – it all takes its toll.

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Minnie and Delia will look after him as well.  He can relax and eat.


Minnie is quite taken with Tór and thinks he is very handsome!  There is lots of gazing dreamily in his direction.


We will give him time.


He has all the time he needs now in his new home with Jo.


So welcome to Tór, Jo’s new horse.  I wonder what Taktur will think to meet his half-bro.  They have never met before.




9 thoughts on “New Addition to the Herd

  1. doris

    Congrats, Jo! What a beautiful horse! Wanna trade for some jumpers???
    he looks at the mares like he is thinking: Have they

  2. Linda

    Welcome to your new home, Tor – you are in SUCH good hands!
    Beautiful photos of Jo getting to know Tor, ever so gently…

  3. lesley moar

    I just want to KISS that beauty spot..over and over again!!!! he is lovely JO…Going to grab Annette one fine day and come for a peerie sneak sticky beak at Mr stunning and your hunting budgies..As mario calls them !!!..Have fun and I am sure lots of TLC and you will have him jumping and bucking along with all the others !

  4. bigears

    love his little white muzzle. When Suze came from France, she took two weeks to get here, as we couldn’t get a lorry all the way – and of course we didn’t know she was 2 weeks from producing a foal!

  5. Linda K

    He’s a gorgeous boy. I imagine it must be quite stressful, moving to a new home. With people talking in strange accents! Wish I could give him a hug and reassure him that he’s landed in the right place.

  6. Cate

    Oooh, he’s gorgeous, and what a mover he is!

    I love that Jo wore a Lopi sweater to welcome him, I’m sure the Icelandic pattern must have made him feel just a little bit more at home. 😉


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