Never Have I Ever….

Never have I ever….

……. (I sat and waited)….

And my little sparrow prodded and preened a bit…..

…. stretched his wings…..

… and proceeded to take a good bath just a yard away from me.

He didn’t seem to mind me taking photos with my large noisy camera. I am pretty sure he is a little boy sparrow based on his colour and markings.

I think he enjoyed himself very much and felt much refreshed after his bath.

So I can cross that off my Bucket List of things I have never ever’ed.  I must’ve stood watching a sparrow having a bath for as long as he wanted – he did fly off once finished.  For me it is the little things in nature that I find fascinating.  I have also had a day of ragworting so I am exhausted and can barely move now.

(sorry if you are now bored to tears).

7 thoughts on “Never Have I Ever….

  1. Margaret Robinson

    How very special this was (perhaps for both of you). He obviously didn’t mind having an audience and such a wonderful thing to happen and so unexpected. Brilliant!

  2. Dona

    Never bored with your postings. Always interesting Posts with beautiful photographs! Cannot wait to be able to fly to Shetland again and visit (with See’s candy and cheese puffs!).
    P.S. we have those same little birds in northern California.

  3. jacqueline slavich

    Not and never will be bored with your stories. I think the sparrow was preparing for a date, why else do males wash!! Love reading your blog over breakfast every morning in Wanaka, New Zealand.

  4. Linda Kirk

    Lovely to see. I’ve just checked the RSPB website as I wouldn’t have known how to tell male and female birds apart. There’s been fewer of them in recent years but I was surprised to read that their conservation status is Red.

  5. Linda

    You said it, Frances: “it’s the little things in Nature…” We just have to slow down and look more closely.
    (Saw a beautiful deer on our walk today; that feels like I’ve been given a gift.)

  6. Gaina

    Sparrows always look as though they’re really enjoying themselves, don’t they? 🙂

    After years of no House Sparrows in our garden, I’m pleased to say they’re back with a vengeance! It’s so much fun to watch them form an orderly queue on the bean sticks in our big plant point to take their turn in the bath.


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