Needs Must

Another day of grot.

Everyone had a hard feed (Stardust fed by himself).

While they were eating, I rode Taktur for his 20 minute 80’s disco workout and re-educated Klængur on the necessities of half-halts.  After that, I brought the little boys into the school to let them run round, warm up and play.


I think Stardust is looking less wormy-bellied.


A new set of toys today including a very good little cardboard box, which was conveniently just the right shape for nose-wearing. Yellow brushes were carried about and Silver practiced his circus tricks.

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There was some rolling in the sand – ugh!


Hay was out in different places so everyone could have a pile without hassle.


And there was even some “lovely sharing”.


This photo speaks volumes to me.


Stardust, feeling full, went to sleep and was quickly joined by Silver and the revolting Waffle.


Storm, on the other hoof, did not feel sleepy, so made it his life’s mission to annoy.


He spent his time trying to work out what constituted acceptable nibbling rather than biting while I sat on my bucket.  We had words.  In the end he curled himself round the back of me, munched hay and draped it gently on BeAnne.


I had put a call out for a 34″ rug yesterday and Jo had come round with Toggle’s old rug.  Toggle was my ancient Toggenburg goat.


While too big for Stardust it will do until his own rug arrives (ordered yesterday).  He didn’t seem to mind and it will keep the worst of the rain off for the time being.  The rug is not as tight as it looks – the straps are elasticated held on with velcro.


And then, as they were getting bored, I put them all outside again for some fresh air.


3 thoughts on “Needs Must

  1. SVicino

    Stardust has that look of ” My Mumma loves me. She gave me this beeaauutifuul rug. I look so handsome”
    Stardust looks to have grown in stature, he is holding his head proudly.

  2. Linda

    Oh, I just love seeing all this playtime! You’re sort of running a “nursery school” I think!
    And yes, don’t you just love it when they roll in sand (or dirt) when they’re all wet. I think they do it on purpose to annoy…


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