Name that Precipitation

So this afternoon found Floss and I sitting in the car waiting for our farrier playing that well known game of “Name that Precipitation”.  The weather ranged from rain to sleet to snow to hail all in the space of 30 minutes.  But we both agreed it was “bloody cold”.

The farrier arrived and we took him straight to Leradale to trim the Minions’ feet first.

We usedthe gable end to give us shelter from a cruel wind that seemed to come at us from all directions.

And of course, we always had “help”.


It was very windy – gusting Force 8 (I can only think in the Beaufort Scale or I get frightened).

Seriously, it was windy. I have proof.

The little ones behaved beautifully – easily caught and hooves trimmed.  And then we went back to Thordale for the others.  I am now warming up drinking gin.


3 thoughts on “Name that Precipitation

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Miserable having to work outside in that sort of weather but at least the ponies were helpful and behaved themselves! Small mercies… And gin seems like a fair reward!


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