My Weird World

Here at Thordale, some days are weirder than others.

Daisy called me over to say we were now the official Shetland branch of KFC!  Here in Shetland, we don’t have any of the fast food chain franchises.  It is wonderful.

A Chicken-on-the-bone bucket!

Or, in our world, Elvis nesting on baler twine and straw.

(I dread to think what the “sides” are or the special recipe is – don’t go there. Just don’t.)

Officially odd.

Next up, I made the executive decision to move the pregnant ladies.

They need more grass and Clothie (the croft where they are) needs a break because, once they have foaled, the girls will come into their foal-heat within 20 days of foaling.

Our predominant wind is a south-westerly (through the front door!) so foal-heat girl smell will be blown straight to the boys’ field where three colts and one stallion live.  Perhaps not the best idea.

While the girls are pregnant, they are not giving off any come-hither hormones so it makes sense to keep them in this new field letting Clothie have a break and grow some more.  Clothie lies northerly of where the boys are.

Ok, in my head this all makes sense and I could draw you a map.  Once we took them over, they galloped and bucked happily around the field (noooooo, don’t do that, just walk).

This afternoon, however, one stallion managed to find an open gate (fer crying out loud – and all my fault) and stood by their fence shouting.  The ladies ignored him and Daisy caught him easily and led him away. The gate is now shut properly.

The two fatty ladies are very upset. In their minds, they are the much needed midwives.

Daisy brought Klængur into the indoor school to train.  He nodded off while she tacked up!  Bless him – I loved the bottom lip of snooziness.

And that’s how we roll in this Shire!

3 thoughts on “My Weird World

  1. Linda

    Oh, I very much prefer your version of “chicken in a bucket”!

    That’s just adorable, seeing Klængur snoozing – love that lower lip – so relaxed!

    And there’s something called “foal heat” as in ready to get pregnant again? After only 20 days since giving birth? Good grief!

  2. Gwen Jamieson

    chicken in a bucket? KFC how the heck did that happen, you willl have folks driving up for buckets of KFC and trimmings, NAH just keep the chickens nicer that way lol


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