My Plan Fails

So now Taktur and Storm wait every morning by the gate to go out into the Food Field for the morning.  It has quickly become their routine, although Storm was fast a-bye-byes next to Taktur as he had nodded off while waiting for me.

They both follow me to their new field, whereupon I went out and left them to it – I had my Tuesday morning flute lesson.

Upon my return, a few hours later, Taktur was standing all alone by the gate.  There was no one else in his field.


Two fields away, having gone under two fences and crossed one stream, was Storm.  Haakon was watching on with huge disapproval at a) Storm’s dereliction of duty and b) pure envy at the long grass he was stuffing.

So I opened the gate and shovelled Storm through before Haakon could make a bid for freedom.

And then I walked round, opened the gate to Taktur’s field where he stood “lonely as a cloud” and he followed me happily back to the original field to be with his friends.

I am quite cross with Storm.  You don’t desert your friends.


Anywho, Lambie is very well (as is Lambert).  He still loves his bottles and has no intention of giving up.  He has the same tummy clock that Jack had.  It is scarily accurate!


I have been experimenting with time-lapse photography using my GoPro.  It is work-in-progress and I have much to learn (it can also be very boring wading through hours of photography).  I tried to capture the Northern Lights a few nights back and just had hours of black!  As I said – work-in-progress!

I may need to have words with Haakon now (little sod!).

2 thoughts on “My Plan Fails

  1. Sam

    Naughty Storm! Leaving poor Taktur all alone! But Lambie the Lambdog having a bottle snack was priceless.
    Is he perhaps Jack in Sheep’s Clothing?


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