My Little Lamb

I found Harrel-the-Barrel happily munching everyone’s haynet. He often does this – stays in the shed while everyone else goes somewhere else.

And then when Maggie heard my voice (I was telling Harrel that he should go out and find his friends), she came running up to see I was secretly feeding her son biccies.  Ever the optimist is Maggie.

I spent my morning doing all the things that needed doing and then I went into my shed for the afternoon, followed by Lambie.

He was in one of his moods.

The Greta Garbo one.

So I had to settle for taking photos of Lambie’s glorious carpet-quality fleece, which smelled faintly of sheep.

Yes, I said “carpet quality”, Lambie. You know it, I know it.

Lambie went to sleep while I was making a sheeple.

Sheep can sleep standing up, I think.

Lambie also had a little mooch around the room too.

And then he finally plonked himself down.  We listened to an audiobook together while I worked at my sheep.

Edna joined us.

And she was a good girl (which means she didn’t pee).

Edna followed me back to the house, with her daughter, Madge and I gave them some gingernuts.  Lambie went off to sulk somewhere else.


2 thoughts on “My Little Lamb

  1. Jayne

    Once an animal has been starved they never forget the hand which kindly fed them – or the potential for yummy treats. Madge and Edna are unrecognisable, well done you. xx


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