My House Elves

I am fed up with the horses.  So here are my “house elves”.

Loki, our rescue dog, has settled in now.  He has his moments with the others but there is an armed truce now, which is holding.

He has been stitched up once, put on 2 kg since we got him and he is learning about not thieving, not running away (he always goes to our neighbours) when we are cross with him and preferably not attacking the others.  A slow process but we are getting there.

He is allowed to run for miles and catch the wild wabbits, which he adores.  He brings them home with pride and a smile on his face.  This is his hard-done-by face, btw.

L1010310  L1010319L1010460L1010480

Jack is, well, Jack.  He is getting so old and crusty now.  When he goes on a walk, at a certain point he just turns round and takes himself back home saying he has had enough.  Nothing will prevent him so he is only walked near the house.

Food is very important to him and although nearly blind and deaf, he can hear and locate his bowl being filled from another room.  He spends most of his day asking to go outside and then the rest of his day asking to come back in.


I don’t think BeAnne has actually left me since my return.  Wherever I am, she is.  That is her motto.  She is very precious and her scars are mending now.  She is a constant in my life.


I don’t often see Wussums.  He lives up those stairs in the bedroom (I am sleeping in Daisy’s room at the moment on the other side of the house because it is close to the bathroom).  OH says he is doing fine and Wu and I had a nice chat while taking these photos including a nose kissey.


Apparently, and I don’t believe it, a certain small terrier comes downstairs from my bedroom in the morning, while OH is in the shower, creeps up these stairs, steals all the cat food and then comes back to my bed denying all knowledge.

I know nothing!



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