Muddy Grubs

My three little Icelandic horse brothers all live together in a huge field – about 25 acres or 10.1 hectares at the back of the house.

It is not a bad amount of space for 1 colt (Efstur) and 2 geldings (Dreki and Hjalti).

(Hjalti always stands up when he sees me – he doesn’t have to.  He just does)

So where do they insist on living?  In a muddy patch by the gate.  It is their home and they rarely move from there.

I think they lack a leader.  No one has stepped up to the plate or wants the job.

The lads are very lucky that I don’t believe in grooming youngsters, or anyone for that matter, unless we are going to a show or some major deity might be visiting.

I thoroughly embrace the “the natural look” as does the whole family.

So if the boys want to live, sleep and breathe mud, I am happy to oblige.  Mud is what we have and revolting is good.

I did read somewhere that modern day cleaning products are directly attributable to the increase in asthma.  None of us have asthma – which is a credit to my total lack of cleaning!

Obviously I brought the necessary and distributed accordingly – “breakfast in bed”

Soon we will move in the other herd of boys (including Daddy) as the grass is beginning to grow now.  They will be one big happy family and if anyone is nasty to Albie, they will have Taktur and Newt to answer to.

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