Much Needed Rain

We haven’t had any proper rain in Shetland for ages and, although it is a bore (I hate working outside in the rain), it is much needed and I tell myself the grass will grow so much better.  The grass which no Minion can have, that is.

Fivla and Vitamin really have not looked back since I made the executive decision to put them in their own green field.  Minions?  What Minions!

The picket line does not move and I am sure I can hear bad language.  I hope the Minions do wander off after we have left. How long can six ponies stand by a fence and sulk?

Clearing out the derelict croft-house and its shed has made a huge difference.  Vitamin loves her new dining area.

I did my vegetable packing this afternoon and then drove home in the rain to be met by these two, also hopeful that someone would come by with some hay.  Luckily Floss felt sorry for them.  We are on the tail-end of the winter hay now.  Once finished, no more.

Two boxes unpacked today. A few surprises (I don’t remember packing half this stuff) but I will hit Ebay shortly with the taken-to-be-sold items.  Just got to find out what it is, first!

4 thoughts on “Much Needed Rain

  1. Sam

    Mooning Minions – ha,ha! They know The Ladies are getting a nicer field and Newt believes they are getting all the carrots they want. Can’t wait to see what treasures you brought back.


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