7 thoughts on “Move Over MGM Lion!

  1. Margaret Robinson

    Despite the terrible weather (though not a third as bad as yours), this made me laugh. We just got home from a quick trip to the facial deconstructionist (what used be known as the plastic surgeon) who will straighten out the right side of my face where the last surgery took place. He laughed because of my 1 really, really important request – but will do it, though he never has done it before and that is to put a hole in my right ear so I can wear a pierced earring again in that ear. He likes me and I’m a long-term patient (a novelty because most come in for some type of facial work and he sees them 1 or 2 times after, then they’re gone).

    Anyway, thought you pictures (and wording added) of Monster/BeAnne were adorable. Something to be said about having to stay indoors, however reluctantly.

    1. Frances Post author

      I must buy you some earrings! I bet he loves seeing you – you will brighten up his day and make him laugh.



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