Mothers and Sons

Little Albie is becoming Sturdy Albie.


This odd family remain a tight unit.


Camus and Tor job share.  They are the washer-upperers.


Camus is not really a putter-awayer.  He does try, though.


We are all thrilled with Albie’s progress and development.  He such a darling little boy and the whole family are involved in feeding him three times a day – hard feed for brekkie plus 2500 ml of Multimilk split.


Albie’s little worried face makes me scoop him up and hug him while telling what a good little boy he is and how proud his mum would be.  He needs us.


There is also a cheeky side to Albie too.  I am glad he wants to play rather than always be jumped on by Camus.  This makes me smile.  There are moments he just wants to lie down next to me while Camus bounces up and down around him.  When Camus is in this mood, Albie usually gives up trying to be with me.


Meanwhile, in another field the other side of the hill, this little mother-son herd are doing very well too.


Hjalti popped over to say hello.


He is growing up into a sensible chap. When they swap fields with Taktur and Kappi later on this autumn, I can then reintroduce some of his skills, such as leading nicely, picking up a hoof and even managing to stand on three legs without falling over!


Little Efstur is very orange.  More orange than anyone else.


He has lost his white socks and is going through his wobbly leg phase.


Maybe he is part moose.


When he comes over, we are going to master the art of wearing a headcollar without a silly fuss. Apparently this is rocket science.


5 thoughts on “Mothers and Sons

  1. robin

    in the first picture, Albie looks like he’s growing into the “leg at each corner” look.

    sweet boy…ALL OF THEM very sweet

  2. Sam

    Headcollars are just not in the Icelandic language! Love how well Albie is doing with his two Muzzahs (human and equine). Well done!


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