Mothering Sunday

Today is a lovely day.  My two daughters, Daisy and Flossie, looked after me beautifully.

I had a lovely lie-in (these days, I dream of them). They all did the horsey chores first thing while I snored on.  I did eventually get up at lunch-time.  My excuse is that these days my back is hurting more and more and I am finding things tough.  But seeing Haakon all well again makes everything better. I would do anything for him.

After lunch, I went for my usual walk, taking my “fur and wool children” with me.

And yes, I did get odd looks from the passers-by in their cars and on bicycle.

There were definitely some double-takes but who cares.

So that’s me, enjoying Mothering Sunday with those I love around me.  Just how it should be.

5 thoughts on “Mothering Sunday

  1. Linda Loba

    Sounds like you’ve had a beautiful, loving day. And those second looks from passers-by? That’s envy, Frances!

  2. Margaret Robinson

    Happy Belated Mothering Day! It appears that you had a perfect day. I love that one of your readers thought the second looks from passerbys was envy – that’s the spirit.


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