Morning Buckets

Iacs will tell you that he’s “in a routine!” It’s all he ever says as he stands by the gate punctually at 08.30 with his cousin, Haakon, waiting for his morning bucket of TurmerAid and nothing.

Haakon gets real food as he also has boswellia but he hates it so I have to disguise it with mix.

Iacs just gets TurmerAid, a handful of chaff and air.  Low calorie air.

And Pepper gets whatever they drop.  She is a great hoover.

I think both old men are looking fab this summer.  I am much happier.

….. though I think Iacs would like higher calorie air.

And then of course I have to bring a carrot for each of them because “WE ARE IN A ROUTINE!”

(I love how the old men still argue after all these years!)

It really is a wonder that I get out of their field alive.

3 thoughts on “Morning Buckets

  1. Sam

    A routine is everything per Little Miss Maine Coon. How else can a critter train the human? The Old Gents look grand.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    I love these photos; they are beauties. I admire your ability to feed sensibly; looking into those eyes and not giving them all the carrots and treats is something I’d find hard to do.


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