More Shoes

Jo, with her Farrier Hat on, popped round this morning and put new shoes on Iacs for Daisy, who is home for the holidays.  Iacs struggles without his shoes when we go out for a ride on the road and this will make all the difference to him.

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I asked Daisy to bring Klængur in too as I wanted Jo to just check on his progress.  Poor lad was hopping lame again. He could barely walk and we wondered whether he had hurt something far more serious.  A quick dig on the other hoof, which was hot, and Jo found another very tender spot.  She excavated a bit – there was as ominous stench .  Once cleaned out, the hoof was packed with cotton wool dipped in Oxytetracycline blue spray.

BN2A6803  BN2A6806

I felt very sorry for poor Klængur.  He could barely walk so, to help,  I gave him a Danilon in some food.  He wolfed it down.


Meanwhile, Iacs looked on outraged and disappointed.  He couldn’t believe that he was getting no food, despite having his feet done too.


Daisy had to give him a consolatory carrot to make up for being so remiss.  It was a token gesture and Iacs’ grief was not assuaged.


Jo brought her dogs, Snati (collie pup) and Beeble (black labradog) with her and everyone played lovely games for a while.  The indoor school is so useful for everyone.

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After Klængur was returned to the field, Daisy brought in and tacked up Haakon for me.  I rode him round the school for the first time in ages  I even attempted a few short runs of tölt.  This is something we are both going to have to work on.  I am enjoying riding so much.

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