Monster’s Camouflage

Our smattering snow has one family member very happy.

We are regularly playing the game of “Spot the Cat”.

Obviously Monster never shuts up so we can hear him (he wails constantly bemoaning the fact he is now invisible to us) all the time.

And he is always there if anyone wants a chat……apparently. I see no cat.

Monster likes to lie in wait for Her Maj who wanders around the croft in her usual doitin’ way.

He has moments of not being very nice to our little old lady (rugby tackles, grabbing her around the neck).  Her revenge, however, is to pretend she doesn’t’ see him and to steal his food. All fair here.  There are no actual fights, just indifference and some weird sniffing.

This is a Monster on the prowl.  The black smudge on his back is possibly from where he has been under my car trying to cut the brakes.

Behold, our white panther.

Although he walks amongst us, he is rarely seen (but only on days when there is snow).

He never shuts up, though!

9 thoughts on “Monster’s Camouflage

  1. Kathleen Woolley

    Oh Francis, you really do make me laugh. I love your news about Monster, especially the bit about him cutting your brakes. I can actually imagine him doing it ! You raise the spirits in these sad times
    Thank you X

  2. Lucy MacArthur

    I have laughed until my voice gave out! I LOVE the speculation about him being under the car to cut the brakes.

    He really does run his own little kingdom, or rather dynasty (without offspring). I definitely had to look twice a couple of times with the snow.

    Our boy, Joey, has a distinct disadvantage in snow (with being black – not that it curtails him very much). He insisted on coming for a walk today with a neighbour and me. I tried to tell him that it was in breach of the Covid rules because we then made a party of 3 but on he came, whining behind us when we walked too fast, scratching me when I picked him up to avert dog danger and then he went right up to a dog that was thankfully on the lead and wound it up then his hackles rose and I thought he was about to strike – I picked him up once more, apologised to the dog and his human and ignored the whining – then deposited him on the verge to walk the last 50 yards in safety. Does he get a prize presented by Monster? Or would Monster fail to even acknowledge him?

  3. diane in northern wis

    I do love your monster. I wonder if he’s part siamese…..they talk all the time too. Love your pictures….had to really look hard for him in some of them. Good job!


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