Minion Overload

We went to see my little herd of Minions today.  They were miles away, up in the hills.

But they spied us and came over to chat.

Fivla has finally lost weight.  She is looking almost svelte and that is very pleasing, as well as a huge relief.

Look, she has contours – bits that go in!

She looks normal standing next to others, ie Storm who is wider than he is tall.  What I like most is that Fivla is happy.  She loves being with the Minions.  They make her smile and she has friends her own size.

Silver is on great form – such a handsome chap and soon he will be as “grey”/white as Fivla.  It is inevitable.

Every year his coat changes colour.

Silver, too, has wintered very well – oh look, Storm again being a best friend.  He gets about.

Storm – well, what can I say?  Storm is always the same.  Funny, cheeky and spikey.

He has maintained his winter weight.  He is solid.

Waffle resembles a barrel.  We have decided that every time someone says his name, he somehow absorbs the calorific equivalent.   In his spare time, he could be a table.  The only pony to travel nearly 2000 miles and not lose a pound (when he went south with Kappi).  The only pony to winter in a field with nearly nothing and if it is possible, look fatter!

Still, he is very, very loving.

And a true friend to everyone.

Talking of friends.  This is the beginning of a typical Thordale nose-kissey.

Tiddles does the best.  100% full-on with commitment and no biting.  You’ve gotta love Tiddles.

Vitamin continues to Rule Her World.

So, as you can see, everyone is doing very well.  Perhaps a bit too well.

I love my Minions.  Therapy in a field.

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