Measures Taken

In the light of yesterday’s shenanigans, Flossie and I went over to Leradale armed to the teeth with as much rope as we could carry.

I wanted the sort of rope you could tie the QE2 up but in the end opted for variety including some rather tough thinner stuff.

Anyway, with Floss on one side of the fence/gate and me on the other, we “wove” our Shetland-pony-proof fence.

Obviously we were watched and thoroughly disapproved of but, no, I am adamant, we are not going to have a repeat performance of yesterday.

Note the orange rope – that’s known as “belt and braces” fencing because, although there is a perfectly good metal post that holds the two hurdles together, it could, by the right little pony (** cough ** Albie ** cough **), be taken out.  Not anymore it won’t.

We had two gates to “fix” and by golly they are going nowhere now. In fact when it comes to moving this lot to fresher pastures, I will probably have to bring a big knife to cut the gates open!

Six small Minions were very unimpressed.


3 thoughts on “Measures Taken

  1. Sam

    Time to take a Knot tying book out of the library and search under “wayward minions plotting escape to fields full of carrots”.


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