Lying in the Sun

Yesterday was sunny so everyone was out of their fields as I wanted to work with them.  I left them around the outside of the house eating the long grass down.

All except three naughty little boys who snuck into the school to see what they could wreck.  They got two pooper-scoopers, some buckets, a rug, all the head collars and ropes, my jacket ……


So I shouted at them and they skipped outside, giggling.


They are like kids in the school corridor.


Incapable of walking nicely beside each other!


So we were all loafing on the grass in the sun –  this is a very rare picture of Loki and BeAnne together.


You can see how small The Minions are in comparison.  The ginger ninjas range from 13.1hh to 14hh (Kappi on the far left).


Do you think the little ones will be alright for winter?  Do I need to rug them, wash them, clip them (over my dead body) or hug them and have them in my house? (now we’re talking!)

BN2A9069 BN2A9071 BN2A9070

A few views from my picnic blanket that I sat on to keep my bum dry.


This was one brave, or very stupid, bunny.


Loki never moved.

BN2A9091 BN2A9094

Iacs eating as nicely as he knows how!


My best view with my boy, Haakon.


Iacs for Daisy.  She misses him.  Who knows why.  Probably his silly frilly.


One Taktur nosey.


And one sweaty Kappi.



They are a lovely herd to sit and chat to.  I hope there are more days like this.

2 thoughts on “Lying in the Sun

  1. Linda K

    In the house, of course! Failing that, some more knitted cardies, to keep them cosy.
    Has Whaffle been to the hairdressers for some highlights?
    Lovely pics

  2. roberta

    Shetlands can create havoc in an empty room..or field. Go on rug them you know you want to.
    We keep telling ours they could be standing in snow.during winter and we live in OZ…………….


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