Love is in the Air

I took these photos yesterday after Daisy said “Mum, quick, look in the paddock – Haakon and Lilja are grooming each other”.  We had brought them all in for the farrier, even though it has been tense these past few days so this was a major breakthrough.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the field, Sóley was trying to attract Iacs’ attention.

“Good luck with that” we all said.

Iacs was shocked at the mere suggestion of anything “sexual” (please say this in a creepy voice!)

But I must admit, Sóley was fairly insistent.  Full marks for pushiness.

She had fallen in lerve…. again, good luck with that!

But Iacs was having none of it.

He tried his hardest to ignore Sóley’s “come hither” looks.

He ignored her, preferring grass to anything else.  Poor Sóley, she was very disappointed.  Walking backwards into Iacs achieved nothing.

Meanwhile, Haakon and Lilja were busy booking a room!

At least this lot are settled and happy.

2 thoughts on “Love is in the Air

  1. Sam

    Poor Iaccs – being hit on by the pushy filly! Soley seems green eyed over Lilja and Haakon’s blossoming love affair.


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