Long Grass, Short Grass

Taktur and his two sons, Hjalti and Dreki, with Efstur, are in the long grass now as far away as I can with good secure fencing from the ladies who seriously DO NOT WANT TO KNOW!

The ladies sometimes come down but the fence and so are within sight.  Taktur then runsup and down the fence line shouting “Yoohoo, Ladies”.  Lilja, his daughter is in season and some things are never meant to happen.  However, Taktur does not believe me.

The horses love the long grass and don’t seem to fussed about the flies either.

The girls are enjoying the shorter grass and the miles of heather.  They are much happier and  there is far less tail swishing and general misery.  It is windier and less damp too.

We minister daily to Hetja who is getting fed up of us.  Nothing much helps or works except being in this new field.  The fly mask just made her more miserable and she would rub worse on the rocks so we have abandoned it.  If it came off in this huge field, we would have no chance of finding it.

I love seeing the horses coming over the horizon when I call.  Little ears getting bigger and bigger.

The two sisters remain inseparable – they probably confer and agree that Mum is a miserable, itchy spikey old bag these days, which she is.  Hopefully the new change of scene will help.

2 thoughts on “Long Grass, Short Grass

  1. Shelley

    Hello Frances,
    Is there a post in your archive that tells your readers how you came to and settled on Shetland? I’ll bet it’s a very good story.

    Shelley in Boston


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