Little Helpers

I noticed a gap in the fence of the Minions’ field which two small ponies have been using to nip into the next field (luckily mine) to graze.  I saw them do it and thought to myself I must bring some wood, nails and a hammer.

So I asked my OH instead!

We walked down to the spot that needed fixing whereupon we had to be duly investigated (that would be Perpetrator No 1 at the front).

OH was brilliant and got well in there.

He has had much practiced at this.

I stayed on the other side offering words of encouragement and nails.

We were watched.

The first two on the left (Waffle and Storm) are The Ones who were doing the nipping.  They know I know.

Because I told them I know.

And they didn’t care.

Making the most OH, his tools and his skills, I noticed there was another small line of fencing to reinforce.

I did laugh when I saw the Minions.  This is so typical of Shetland ponies.  Nothing is safe.

I had to fight the plank off Waffle who was like a dog with it.

So with fence bodged and hopefully fully functional, I went and picked ragwort stupidly leaving my coat to be danced upon.

It was trampled, totally trampled.  Obviously I then upturned it, sat down and had a lovely chat/hug with the Minions. Silly not to really.  They were in a very silly-billy mood.

2 thoughts on “Little Helpers

  1. Kerry

    I love the fact your photo makes them look like a film still of the usual suspects.
    Brilliant shots of the naughty munchkins


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