Little Boys Playing

Sunday morning – everything was a little later than usual.

Lambie and ‘Ster managed to cadge two breakfasts off me (and Daisy).

When we had finished all our chores and I was going back in for a well deserved cup of proper coffee, I noticed two little boys playing in the field adjacent to the garden.

Well, this was not an opportunity to be missed so I grabbed my camera.

I often see Albie and Camus play but usually they are too far away and look like silhouette ants galloping about on the skyline background.

Today, they were closer.

They chased each other one way.


And then the other.


There was a Mexican standoff – both maintaining their ground and strategic tension, giving nothing away for at least 5 minutes.


Before rushing in for the “kill”.


It makes my heart glow to see Albie playing with Camus and giving as good as he gets.


He dives in and everyone is equal.


Neither one is the bully or the bullied.


Lovely little bottoms cantering happily away.


Seeing these photos makes me realise that we have done good and all is well and Albie, God-willing, he will grow up to be a well-balanced normal Shetland pony who has, most importantly, a sense of humour.  He will make a great Minion.


We never under-estimate the Shetland pony sense of humour. To be a Minion, it should be developed and encouraged at all times.


Laughing at the world means everything is alright.


As well as the ability to bite each other’s legs!


I may make this my family crest!


Two Shetland ponies rampant?

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