Les Girls

Off to Sandness to see my field of Shetland ladies.

We gave them all a good brush and going over, though feet will be trimmed later.


There is nothing better than going into a field of Shetland ponies who are pleased to see you, easy to catch, handle and work with.  It makes life so much better and I totally fail to see why anyone burdens themselves with impossible uncatchable ponies who have no manners.

Vitamin, Lyra’s mother, is beginning to show her age.  She is still beautiful and has a wonderful expressive head that the camera loves.


I think it is her eyes.  They just say everything.  Her son, Indy, has her eyes.  I often wonder how he is getting on in his new home.


Vitamin’s much-wanted and much-loved daughter, Lyra, is very precious to both her and us.


She is three years old now and still the apple of her mother’s eye.


And Daisy’s.


Lyra often doesn’t see Daisy for months but she never forgets her.


Also in the field is Raw Deal or Delia as she is affectionately known.  Delia is ancient and did very badly last winter.


Ok, she is a fat pig now but that won’t last and with heavy heart I am going to make the executive decision to have her put to sleep this autumn.  It has to be done.  There is no other way.  Unlimited food and unlimited shelter does not keep the weight on and the Shetland winters are very harsh.

Today, while she looks fabulous, i could easily be talked out of this plan.


3 thoughts on “Les Girls

  1. Terri

    **sniff** I know you do right by your equines (and other species). And I know you are just giving your readers a “heads-up” for when the day comes…this autumn, or later. Your creatures trust you. You always seem to sense what to do, and when.


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