Leaving Us

Well, it was always going to happen. I knew this when they were born and, while I am in my heart sad, I am also realistic.  I was never going to keep them so Lilja and Sóley have been sold to fabulous new owners.  A lovely home awaits.

They are going south together, which is perfect.  The difficulty at present is getting livestock off the island – they were supposed to be sailing tonight but when the captain of the ferry said there would be a 3 hour rough swell during the passage, I said no.  The girls didn’t need this.  They will travel when it is calm. If we have to wait, then we wait.  They have a long journey ahead.  Let’s make it as comfortable as possible.  It will be all so new to them.

We will miss the girls but they are ready to go and to be loved by someone who will give their hearts and time to them. I deliberately don’t attach myself to animals I know won’t be staying. I can’t afford to.  But I am so pleased they are going together.  They are ready. Ready to see the world and to be loved.  They so want to be loved.

Please someone just tell the Weather Gods to stop their ridiculous shenanigans and then they can travel to their new home.

(I promised their new owners some baby photos – gosh they were cute and still are, just grown up now).

I am very proud of them *** sniff *** – I’m going to miss my girls.



5 thoughts on “Leaving Us

  1. Sam

    You have done a magnificent job with these two. Their new family is SO lucky! I will miss seeing them but knowing they have a loving home makes it ok. Safe travels!

  2. Linda

    Yes, smooth sailing girls! (and when you’re feeling sad about this Frances, go out and hug a pony! or a horse…or a sheep…))

  3. darby callahan

    wishing these two beautiful horses both safe travels and a wonderful life. I have so enjoyed seeing them grow up . I am sure they will be much loved in their new home.

  4. diane in northern wis

    I loved these two girls. Hope they do very well in their new home. How nice that they will be together somewhere. Hope you get updates from time to time on them. May the waters calm soon.

  5. Louise Stopford

    Can’t help feeling very sad that they are leaving you. It’s hard not to get attached and must be hard to let go. Knowing they will be together and going to an excellent home must make this so much more bearable. You have brought two beautiful ladies up and should be very proud of your achievement. I will miss not seeing them but wish them all the luck and happiness in the world with their new owners. Sob….sob….


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