Lambie has an Audience with…..

This morning, after breakfast, Floss and I took Lambie down to Finnigert, to Bergli Shetland Pony Stud.


We had to leave Her Maj behind as the visiting VIP is not keen on dogs.


Everyone was on their best behaviour and ready to meet the guest.

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The scouting party had been sent on ahead and, as with all these things, we stood around and waited.


Floss’ job was to keep Lambie off the daffodils.


And then the visitor arrived – Nicola Sturgeon, First Minister of the Scottish Parliament.

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She had come to meet the Bergli Stud Shetland ponies.

BN2A0513 BN2A0514

And obviously have her photo taken with them.


The rest of her entourage were also keen to meet everyone.


We had warned them about the mud so they dressed appropriately and luckily had a sense of humour too saying it was really not that bad!


It was a beautiful morning and we all stood outside and chatted.

BN2A0529 BN2A0533 BN2A0534

Mr Derek Mackay MSP, Minister for Transport, accompanied Nicola – (yes, she said “call me Nicola” after we had all practiced saying “First Minister”).   Mr Mackay has previous with Thordale having been the Minister sent to be photographed with Fivla and Vitamin in their Fair Isle sweaters!

The Scottish Government – Round 2


Inside the house for delicious homemade Norwegian applecake (Eplepai) and tea/coffee.


(Lambie was furious at being left outside).


Nicola was very happy to be inside.

BN2A0555 BN2A0557 BN2A0558

So Lambie started butting the door glass very hard.  At one stage he managed to get in but was unceremoniously shoved out again.  To stop him doing this, I left everyone to chat and eat their cake while I sat outside on a rock with Lambie to keep him company.


Then it was time for Nicola and her entourage to move on to their next stop.  Lambie decided he was now a keen supporter of the SNP and was going with them, whether they wanted him or not.


Luckily, he was not wanted.


But to make up for this, he was allowed into the house while I had my slice of Eplepai (which I shared with him).

BN2A0574 BN2A0575

And then a Shetland pony appeared, because that was the kind of morning it was!



7 thoughts on “Lambie has an Audience with…..

  1. Linda K

    Not keen on dogs??!!!
    She looks very relaxed. I’m sure it made a nice change from question time in the Parliament.

  2. Sam

    Love how Lambie would NOT be left out of the party! After all, he had his walking harness on. Geez, what’s a LambDog to do when visiting pols are about???? Care to share the receipe for the apple cake to those of us across the pond?


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