Ladies’ Feets

Feet to trim today.


Jo had brought a bucket of food for those that didn’t want to be caught but it wasn’t used and so we fed the contents afterwards.


Previously, a someone had spied it and thought they would have a go.  She failed.


Lyra was waiting for her Daisy to come home.  She is very friendly to us and we need Daisy to brush her (and the rest).


Vitamin was just the same as ever.  She is now the matriarch of the herd and doled out her opinions (i.e. teeth) to anyone who might be eating any of her potential food.  It was interesting to see a different herd dynamic.  I think she has replaced Velvereta.


I was nibbled, kissed, investigated and hassled by the four little ones – Gwendolinda, Carina, Lyra and Zoot for the whole morning.  No surprise there, then.


I couldn’t take many close-ups of these girls as they were following me all the time – note Zoot’s determined look!

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So that is the girls.  All just the same. They have had a hard winter and need a good brush.  No one is grossly fat which is good as the spring grass is making an appearance now.   Little Zoot is looking good, too.  She is still a darling girl.


I had been putting off spending time with them as I am still missing Velvereta very much – there is a huge gap in the herd.  We all felt it but today was nice and I am inspired to go up and see them (even with a brush in hand).  Fivla said “ho-ho-ho-ho” when she saw me.  We had a chat and a wee snog.


Don’t worry, they are not ignored as Jo sees them everyday.

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