It is good to be indoors

Guess who arrived this morning?

For a little look around.


Yes, you’ve guessed it, my OH was not about – he was working outwith this island.


Lambie was thrilled and happily invited himself inside the house.


We could tell he recognised his surroundings, even if it has been a while since he was last here.


‘Ster, on the other hoof, was appalled at this intrusion.  Never, in his life, had he seen such behaviour and took to standing sentry-like outside the front door, looking totally bemused.  He refused to come inside (OH would’ve loved him).  Darling ‘Ster – you can tell he had a different upbringing.


Even if the rest of the household was not pleased to see Lambie inside the house, I really don’t care.  We have always been the best of friends.


Lambie  is my special little boy and I love him.  There is nothing in this world that can’t be cleaned up, thrown away or replaced and you can’ t do that with someone who loves you.  Some things are just more important than belongings.


Lambie quickly made himself at home.


He nodded off listening to Debussy’s Clair de Lune on Classic FM.  An upbringing of listening to classical music has stayed with him and he finds it very soothing.


So that is how I spent my morning.  It was worth every second.  I love spending time with my boy.  He is family to me.


And he knows I am family to him.


8 thoughts on “It is good to be indoors

  1. Linda

    What a wonderful boy, Lambie is – and that photo of ‘Ster epitomizes what you said about his attitude towards coming into the house.
    On another note: I love your house! The colors! That fireplace screen! (with all the flowers and the Staffordshire bowl to the right – have I got that right?), your beautiful rug, the wonderful pillows on the couch! Warm, beautiful, and cozy.

  2. Linda

    P.S. The photos of Lambie as a wee lamb in trouble just came to me – look at how he’s grown into such a big healthy, and loving boy!

  3. Rebecca Final

    Well, I have to say that I would do the same as Lambie if I heard Clare de Lune. It hypnotizes me and I’d lay down on your floor as well.

    As adorable as Lambie is, I have to also say that I think Ster is particularly handsome. I have Barbados sheep and he reminds me very much of them .

  4. Nancy

    Oh Lambie!! Look how much he’s grown!!
    You should take a picture of him in the kitchen(?) and then put it side to side with the one when he first came to you! ha ha!
    It’s nice that he recognizes your house as his home! What a sweet boy!

  5. Sam

    That last picture of Lambie needs to be on a tote bag. And if OH could see how lovely Lambie’s manners are, perhaps he would allow him in more often. Clearly OH taught Ster well to stand in the doorway next to your lovely tall chest.


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