It Had To Be Done

Yesterday, we made the decision to move Brá to another herd.  Despite our best efforts, every day she has managed to get her grazing muzzle off and so, when I was offered the chance of a Diet Field with fellow inmates, I jumped at it and quickly shoved Brá in it.

The field is at Turriefield (the veg place where I work on a Thursday) and the present residents consist of the luscious Harvey, a stunning working gypsy cob gelding and his companion, Kolka, an Icelandic horse mare.

Harvey is a real dude.  We ❤️ him and now this gives me a good excuse to go in his field to take photos.  Brá will be checked every day so she does not go feral (she would love to be) and remain easily caught.

And yes, there was some initial running around but they quickly settled and the lack of grazing is a must for Brá. It will keep any sign of laminitis at bay until the winter when she can shiver off her fat in a poor park with Hetja.  Well, that is the plan anyway.


After the initial introductions, Brá quickly made friends with Kolka and they are now besties.

Poor Harvey has that look of one who wants a polyamourous relationship without hassle or nagging from his once only girlfriend and her best (if a tad fat) friend.

Good luck with that one, Harvey.   Interestingly enough, after the nightly check, I noticed Harvey was sporting a perfectly formed hoof print on his perfectly formed apple-shaped bottom!

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