In my Garden

As you may, or may not know, I am a crap gardener but I like the idea of growing things (ditto for knitting and sewing – crap at them too).

So, today, I went with a friend to Lerwick to collect her treasured (and huge) Kaffir lime tree which she was giving me.  We took the van, gave the tree a massive prune, and drove it home.  It is now living in my she-shed as that is the hottest and sunniest place.  I am very excited – we all adore Thai curry and this is an essential ingredient.

I have decided we will eat the greens in the tray – a microleaf salad of some description and then I will concentrate on growing weird plants like ginger, galangal, ginseng and turmeric on my windowsill, possibly reclaiming the very useful table again.

This is my home-sprouted ginger just beginning to appear.  I am very proud of myself.  This is an achievement.

Outside the two courgette plants are doing their best and we might even get a courgette or two to eat which will be a gardening triumph.

I also have golden thyme kept in a prison of wire as the birds nearly ate it all.

My pink fir potatoes are a complete mystery.  Despite being planted on the same day, they come in three sizes.

Left to right – Medium, Large…..

And far right – small.  I have absolutely no idea why.

I told you I am not really a gardener.  More like someone who likes the pretty pictures on the seed packets and then wants an “instant garden”!




6 thoughts on “In my Garden

  1. Sam

    My brand of gardening is to over water or prune too hard. Makes my sister mad but I dislike the feel of dirt…I’ll cook what she grows, but that is it.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Well done for giving it a go and for trying exotic things. You could make your own Tumeric paste!

    Thanks very much for the link to RAM Knitwear. I’ve ordered some socks.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    You’re a real Lady Farmer! It’s your way and you’re growing what you want, when you want. Think it can involve lots of things, just being you and doing it your way. You’ll certainly have lots of food.

  4. Rebeccca A Final

    I do really well with silk plants. I don’t seem to be able to kill them. There are a number of potted plants in my back yard..their are on a suicide mission. I completely get your “talent” at gardening. I am rather the same way about piano. I want to sit down and play Scott Joplin. You know… it just doesn’t work that way.


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