Horses for Courses

I don’t sleep much these days and it interferes with my daily life.  I hate not sleeping but last night, I slept well, probably too well and to make up for it, I decided today would be a day of activity and exercise.

All the horses and ponies were put in Klængur and Kappi’s diet field – Taktur was very pleased to his friend, Kappi.


As were Kappi’s little “kids”.  Remember, Kappi is the official Chief Baby Sitter.


And work began….

First Kappi – I free-reined him to some energetic 80’s disco music for 20 minutes.  We both enjoyed this and I have learned about body language (his and mine).  I don’t want him to join up with me and I can ask him to walk, trot or canter on request.


We work on both reins and he enjoys it – ears pricked, smiley face and lots of praise when he does good.  He has a great trot and I hope he is losing weight.


His reward after the hard work is one carrot!


Outside The Minions were entertaining themselves.


They were in a silly-billy mood so I left them to it. Tomorrow is another day.


Playing together is far more fun.  What little boys want brushing on a Sunday morning?


I rode Taktur for his 20 minute walking work out.  He was very energetic and managed to spook when he snorted.  He had his daily feed with BeAnne’s helpful hoovering.


Next was Haakon’s turn.  It was windy outside but I didn’t just want to go round and round in circles in the school.


We went out, taking BeAnne too.  She likes this kind of walk.


(I love her silhouette – she looks like Gnasher)


And lastly, it was Klængur’s turn.  I rode him in the school and we practiced all the dressage moves we had learned recently with Hamish Cameron.  Our shoulder-in and travers were beautiful and I am very proud of how Klængur is coming along.



(is it wrong to wish he was getting just a little bit thinner?)

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