Horses and Wobbling

I hadn’t seen the horses since this morning so I thought we ought to go and have a look. I like to know they are alright.

En route, we found the “bouncy spot” and Floss jumped up and down!  I am not sure what you would call this pedological phenomenon.  I can only describe it as a saturated bump in the middle of the horses’ field that has appeared this year.  It makes excellent squelchy noises too.  Most satisfactory.

The dot is on the horizon is Taktur.  The drystone wall is the half way point of the size of the field and the horses are at the furthest point.


After an exhaustive yomp, we reached the chaps.


Waffle and Silver were standing together.


My little boys are all grown up now and they are both looking very *** cough *** well (read fat!) which is good as we are going into a very hard winter.  I know all about El Niño and what affect it is may have on Shetland.


Storm and Tiddles came racing up too for a chat.


This end of the field is probably the herd’s favourite place.  It is very different from the green-grass part as it is part of the original hill (the croft’s apportionment) that has been fenced in many years ago.


There is lots of space for everyone.


Dotted about are useful little pools of water, as well as a fresh burn that comes off Stourborough Hill at the back.

L1180532L1180555 L1180534

So we sat down, surrounded by The Minions and admired the average view!


7 thoughts on “Horses and Wobbling

  1. Cass

    I’m curious what’s going on geologically just below the grass. In addition to the bouncy spot, there seems to be a line along the field where the land has dropped a few inches rather abruptly? Living in earthquake country I always want to know what those long lines through the ground mean. Shetland doesn’t have sink holes like Florida, does it?


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