Hjalti’s Lesson

It was blowing a hoolie outside, with intermittent buckets of water being thrown out at us from out of the sky.  I had ridden Haakon (he is really trying hard for me), Daisy was bibbling about on Iacs and, as I was returning Haakon to his field, I suddenly decided to grab Hjalti and bring him into the school for a little training.  He was easy to catch and left the herd without looking back, despite Efstur squealing for him at the fence.

Today’s lessons consisted of the rocket science that is learning to stand quietly tied up.

Daisy continued with her bibbling.

Standing still is an essential skill to learn, so Hjalti pawed the floor for a bit, generally fidgeted while I ignored him.

Eventually I noticed Hjalti had managed to undo his rope but as he didn’t bother to do anything about it, I didn’t react or make a fuss.

And then it was Hjalti’s turn.  Daisy taught him to lead nicely.  It was more of a reminder really as Hjalti already knows the basics.

Hjalti was a good boy and did very well.  I took over and taught him “back, back” (walk backwards when asked) and “move over” (always useful).

I learned too.  Hjalti is clever.  Teach him something once and that’s it, he’s got it. This may be a good thing or more of a case of “be careful what you wish for”.

We didn’t do much and we didn’t take long. Hjalti is young and I don’t want to bore him. His  reward was a nice long roll in the sand.

So, that’s what Hjalti learned today. All useful foundation stuff.

3 thoughts on “Hjalti’s Lesson

  1. Terri

    I like the gentle, matter-of-fact, not scary, approach to training. Hjalti deserved his roll in the sand — thanks for including these post-session photos!


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