He’s Home!

This morning Lambie and ‘Ster refused to go out into their field.  It was my own fault – I had changed their breakfast routine and fed them breakfast outside their gate so they had no reason to be shut into their field.  I gave in and left them wandering around the house to eat the grass with Delia.

All seemed fine until Floss and I went to Liradale.  While the gate was being opened so I could drive the van out, ‘Ster and Lambie managed to escape into the hill!

Not good but I hoped that if I shouted loud enough, they would come home again in the evening.

Once home a few hours later, OH told us that he had seen Lambie, ‘Ster and ‘Bert all together with the tups at the back of the hill.  Miles away.

In the next 48 hours, it is going to rain and the light was failing fast so I decided we needed to try and get the boys back now, if only Lambie and ‘Ster.

I needed to stay at home so Flossie very kindly offered to go with a bucket and see if she could get them back.  OH followed to show her where he last saw them.  The minute I could, I followed and found Flossie walking home being followed by three sheep!

OH opened the back gate and ‘Bert and Lambie ran into the field while ‘Ster forgot how.  Bloody sheep!  We all walked back along the fence so ‘Bert could see everyone and still follow.  He had a bit of a blip at a huge bog but Flossie jumped back over with the bucket and showed him the best route through.

Now they are all home together.

Lots of buckets of food for everyone.

I am so relieved.  My lost sheep is home…….


‘Ster is happy he has his best friend home.

Someone sane to talk to.

Lambie is happy he has his food.


(sorry for the ramble – I am just so pleased to have my little boy back home.  The photos are awful as there was little light and all I had to grab was my iPad but you get the gist)

12 thoughts on “He’s Home!

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Phew! What a relief. I hope he realises that the grass is greener on your fields than out on the hill!

  2. Terri

    Whew! How wonderful of Flossie and OH to come to the rescue. What a rascal that ‘Bert is! Who’s to know what’s on his mind? He has no clue what an upset he causes when he wanders.’Ster must be so relieved to have his BFF home!

  3. louise Stopford

    So glad that you’ve got your boys home safe and sound. What an adventure they must have had – you need to start smacking some woolly bottoms (once you have finished cuddling them). These animals can’t half worry us at times, but thank goodness all’s well that ends well!!

  4. rheather

    Let’s hope he realizes that running off to hang out with the ‘cool’ kids isn’t as nice as feed and a choice of bedrooms. Silly sheep!


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