Heart❤️Felt For Sale

❤️ Sheeple! ❤️

(Updated 5th March 2021)

My Sheeple are made with love and each one is unique.

There is a now Facebook Page with all my available stock.

(Heart❤️Felt – the story, the reason, just in case you are interested)

These sheep (see below) are sold but if you like the design/style/colour and want one, please let me know and I will do my best to make you a similar sheep – Email me.


Shetland Sheep (100% Shetland wool – all colours and combinations)
Price – £20.00 plus postage

Curly Sheep

(Shetland Wool body with Wensleydale locks (loose curls) or Leicester (tight curls))
Price – £25.00 plus postage

Baby Sheeple!

Shetland Lamb
(100% Shetland wool – all colours and combinations and can match Mother Sheep)
£12.00 plus postage

Curly lambs

(Shetland Wool with Wensleydale locks)
Price – £15.00 plus postage

You can also find the flock in Jamieson’s Knitwear in Lerwick.