Handsome Prince Training

Daisy and I are just back from our weekly flute lesson, town and then we took Kappi and Waffle to the vet for their last injections (tetanus and flu) so they can go south for the Icelandic Horse British Championships.

Not much to say, but here are some photos from yesterday.

Bjørn Roar Larsen (our local Level 3 Icelandic horse trainer – we are very, very lucky) was training Taktur.

First there was free lungeing with elasticated side-reins in walk, trot and canter to encourage self carriage and the back end to work.


Next, Bjørn removed the side-reins and long-reining instead.  With long-reins, Bjørn could ask for tölt too.  Taktur is not a natural tölter, ie you would never see him tölt in the field, but still, he knows what to do when asked.


I could watch these two all day.  Over the years Bjørn and Taktur have forged a good relationship and so Taktur shines in his work.  He also shone because I brushed Taktur properly  (a body brush and curry comb job) while Daisy was having her lesson on Kappi.


BeAnne was very enthusiastic too. She would’ve watched with interest but she was busy.  I didn’t brush her.  She will have summer fur strip soon now the weather has warmed up.

7 thoughts on “Handsome Prince Training

  1. Terri

    Taktur is simply elegant! — how lucky he is to be owned by you and trained by Bjørn Roar Larsen.
    Nice to see Her Majesty supervising the training…(or dreaming about it).

  2. Margaret Robinson

    The current group of comments says everything! BeAnne is doing the right thing – dreaming about it all. Good luck. MMR


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