Handsome Beasts

Lambie is still the most handsome beast ever?


Or is it ‘Ster?


‘Ster is good in a photo whilst it is impossible to capture Lambie’s winning smile!


I love my Boysensberries.  They always make me smile.


Anywho, so how is little Brisk getting on?


He is fine and doing well with the unusual family group.


He knows his name – his new name – Albie – originally Brisk, then Little B, then Albie. It suits him.


Albie drinks 2.5 litres of Multimilk divided between the day – 10:00, 15:00 and 21:00.


Camus would love to have buckets of milk offered to him but he is not allowed.  This is Daisy pointing “the finger” that tells him to back off and leave little Albie alone.


Albie still puts his front hooves in the bucket.  We don’t let him tip his bucket up.


Camus never stops asking.


But he is always gently told no.


Camus’ mother, Tor, stays well out of Multimilk argument!  Sensible lady.


Darling Albie loves his milk.  He has as much as he wants and we are always offering him more, as well as a daily scoop of Foal Creep Pellets/Mare and Youngstock hard feed.  He seems to be doing well on this.


Don’t feel sorry for Camus – he gets to wash up plus lots of scratches and hugs, too.


For an orphan foal, Albie is doing very well – physically.  He is the same size as Camus and easily keeps up.


Mentally, Albie loves his Mums (Me, Daisy, Flossie and Tor).  We spend a lot of time with them all and encourage Albie to be a foal rather than a Mummy’s boy.


I have assurances from Tor’s breeder that she won’t leave Albie for at least a year.  I don’t want Albie to have anymore shocks.  He has been through hell.


3 thoughts on “Handsome Beasts

  1. Linda

    Beautiful animals everywhere! Albie looks wonderful, and I can’t get over his coloring…
    Boysenberries: I would call ‘Ster “handsome” and Lambie “adorable” IMHO… 😉

  2. Sam

    I agree with Linda on handsome and adorable. But Lambie’s photo bombing of Ster is very funny.
    Glad to know Albie is doing well and learning to be a foal.

  3. Linda K

    A tricky one. Lambie is just so winsome. Ster seems a more serious chap but has the added feature of the impressive horns. Both are gorgeous boys. I’m so glad that Albie is safe, secure and happy in his little family group (horse and human.) I think Tor is a such a beautiful pony.


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