Guess Who’s Back?

Daisy came off the boat this morning, having finished her job at Kise Islandshestgård in Norway. She was employed for ten months doing stable work and training young horses.

So, after breakfast, we went straight out for a ride and then I introduced Daisy to the newbies.


First up was Efstur.  He was very happy to be introduced to Daisy.


Next was Taktur’s turn.  He was thrilled to sniff his owner.


(he has always adored Daisy).


Then this year’s “bebbies” wanted to make Daisy’s acquaintance – Camus and Brisk.


Brisk instantly made a friend.


Kappi was very happy with our new arrival although, Daisy rode Iacs this morning, as she had missed her silly-frilly.  This pair of old friends went out together with ears pricked (Iacs) and a silly grin (both).  Tomorrow I am sure Daisy will ride Kappi.


After lunch, it was off to Sandness to see The Minions et al.


Lyra calmed down instantly and her world was was at peace.  She struggles when Daisy is not there and though she puts up with me and Flossie, she constantly reminds us that WE ARE NOT DAISY!


Then it was time for the invasion of the little ones.


Waffle sneaked up when no one was looking.  I am sure Silver got a look in too but I didn’t photo it.


So that is me, all happy because I have my daughters home for the summer.  At Thordale, life doesn’t get better than everyone together and we are looking forwards to much riding, laughing and appalling jokes.

Happy Summer days ahead.

2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back?

  1. Terri

    Welcome home, Daisy! and Happy Summer everyone! (the Thordale Welcoming Committee all did very well!)
    So nice to have one’s chicks back in the nest for awhile….


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