Guess Who is Home

I have been worrying all weekend about my pregnant Icelandic ladies – Hetja and Brá

They are due to give birth very soon.

So, with Daisy’s help, we went to fetch them from Lyradale and all my hard work with Brá paid dividends.  Previously, she had been a cow to catch, but now, because I had worked with her daily, I could walk up to her, put her headcollar on and lead her anywhere I wanted.

…… that would be into the van.

(I will admit that increasingly I have wondered whether two pregnant Icelandic mares would actually fit because they are both very, very wide – but, phew, they did!)

And now they are home and living in Clothie, for the time being.

I drove home very carefully and they travelled well together.

When we got home, Daisy and I led them into the indoor school, tied them up and gave them a pre-birth spa morning.

They loved it.

We brushed away their winter coat, trimmed tails, gooby ears and generally made them feel special.

So, in two weeks, it will be Hetja’s due date, if Taktur was on form.

Brá is a week later.

Hetja and Brá probably won’t stay in Clothie long – I will move them nearer to home and then start Foal Watch.

The grass is growing now (huzzah).

There is fresh water in Clothie (for the time being – it does tend to dry up if there is no rain).

And a certain person knows his girls are home.

Oooh, exciting times ahead.

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