The bird table has always been a source of great interest in our family.


It is placed just outside the kitchen window and we get all sorts visiting.


Our pets over the years have used their skills to steal the food from it, even to the point of being a full-time job to some.  This is Willyum’s tried and tested modus operandi.


As you can see, he is using the Subtle-as-a-Brick Method.  You can barely see him.  Scary stuff.


Loki is now on site and don’t let this innocent face fool you.  Lurchers were bred to steal small game from the Royal forests (apparently).


Ok, so we have no Royal forests around, but we do have The Bird Table!


Smaller dogs like BeAnne and Jack can also take full advantage from the crumbs that fall.


It can have disastrous results too.  Jack, in his youth ate a whole cake of lamb fat and grain.   You can imagine the results and yes, it was that bad.


Anyway, today the starlings were on great form, arguing and shouting at each other.

BN2A0503 BN2A0511  BN2A0512

I want to feed the little birds too.  I briefly saw a robin this morning (no pic) and we always have sparrows (is that Mr and Mrs?) and blackbirds (Mrs?).

BN2A0560 BN2A0404

Oh yes, the horses.  Well I gave in this morning.  We are about to have some vile weather and I hate watching Kappi and Klaengur in their miserable muddy park.  So I opened the gate and hope The Minions will annoy them sufficiently not to let them get fat again!


So while Kappi and Klaengur did not lift their heads from the grass for 6 hours solidly, others had a nice time killing each other for fun!


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